New research program
"Exploration of exotic neutron rich nuclides"

The Nuclear Physics Group is expanding its experimental field to the exploration of rare radioactive nuclides. This research program, which will focus on neutron-rich nuclides, blends well in the world trend of nuclear physics towards nuclides far from stability. High power accelerator facilities are being constructed for this purpose in Europe (FAIR @ GSI), Japan (RIKEN), USA (FRIB) and even in Israel (SARAF Phase II, under construction at Soreq Nuclear Research Center)

The experimental study of neutron-rich nuclides provides crucial input for expanding nuclear structure models away from the valley of stability, generating reliable astrophysical models of the rapid neutron capture process (r-process) for nucleo-synthesis of elements heavier than iron, and improving models for the operation of nuclear reactors.

We are initiating two research programs within this field:

1. Measurement of masses, Q-values, half-lives and beta-delayed neutron emission probabilities of neutron-rich nuclides, in collaboration with researchers at GSI Darmstadt, using the most advanced methods, instruments and facilities for such studies.

2. Design of a facility for generation, identification and detailed studies of exotic neutron-rich nuclides at the high power accelerator SARAF, under construction at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center (NRC), in collaboration with researchers at Soreq NRC and others.

Joining our research programs is an opportunity to be part of a new path of nuclear research in Israel, which is part of the main course of nuclear physics worldwide.

We are currently seeking M.Sc. / Ph.D. students in experimental nuclear physics. The call for students can be downloaded from here (click to download PDF file, Hebrew).

For further details and information, please contact Prof. Israel Mardor ( mardor @ ).

Undergraduate and graduate excellent students who would like to join the research described above, are encouraged to apply for the currently available Ministry of Energy stipends.
Our research program is one of the few that coincide with the Ministry of Energy fields of interest regarding Nuclear Physics and Engineering.
The relevant documents for stipend application can be downloaded from here:

קול קורא משרד האנרגיה.docx
רשימת בדיקה- משרד האנרגיה שני ושלישי בתחומי האנרגיה הגיאולוגיה והגיאופיסיקה.pdf
רשימת בדיקה- משרד האנרגיה תואר ראשון בתחומי הגיאולוגיה והגיאופיסיקה.pdf

NOTE: Application to the Ministry of Energy Student Stipends 2017 is via the School of Physics and Research Authority. The deadline is September 10th, 2017!”