Daniel Ashery
Professor of Physics

Research Interests:

The following subjects are being studied in the framework of two experiments carried out at Fermilab:
  1. All known particles are made of two or three quarks. Theoretical calculations predict that particles made of five or six quarks may exist but so far were not observed. A search for such particles is being carried out (Experiment E791).
  2. The internal momentum wave functions of hadrons have been calculated in various models but so far only measurements of integrals of the wave functions have been made. These are relatively insensitive to the structure of the wave function and cannot discriminate among the calculations. A new approach in which detailed structure of the wave function is measured is being implemented in the Fermilab experiment. This also provides signatures for the effect of Color Transparency (Experiment E791).
  3. The subject of what carries the nucleon spin is controversial since deep inelastic scattering from the nucleon showed that the quarks carry only a small fraction of it. By measuring the polarization of Lambda particles produced in deep inelastic muon scattering from the nucleon it is possible to understand this question better (Experiment E665).
School of Physics and Astronomy
Tel Aviv University
69978 Tel Aviv, Israel
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Recent Publications:
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