About me

I am an Azriely Fellow PhD students at the Department of Particle Physics, School of physics and astronomy, Tel Aviv University. I study under the supervision and guidance of Prof. Eli Piasetzky.

Office: Shenkar 508

Email: cohen.erez7@gmail.com.

Research Fields

  • Identification and analysis of quasielastic neutrino interactions at MicroBooNE (FermiLab)
  • Exclusive study of 2N-SRC via ³He and ³H (e,e'p) reactions at Thomas Jefferson Lab Hall-A
  • Study of 3N-SRC using Data Mining from at Thomas Jefferson Lab Hall-B (CLAS)
  • Density fluctuations in nuclei
  • Polarization-transfer measurement to a large-virtuality bound proton in the deuteron (Mainz - MAMI)
  • proton radius puzzle (MUSE, PSI)
  • Search for light sterile neutrino using the Soreq Research Nuclear Reactor

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