international workshop
June 20-23, 1999
Kfar Giladi, Israel

Second Circular
This is the second circular for the workshop that will address subjects at the frontiers of QCD. The format of the workshop is intended to stimulate critical discussion. Each subject will be reviewed in a few invited lectures which will be followed by panel (and audience) discussions that will emphasize the future directions of the subject. We plan to have the lectures in the morning sessions and the discussions in the evenings with the afternoons free for informal discussions while enjoying the nature of the area.

One afternoon session will be devoted to the presentation of contributed papers. One-page abstracts of contributed papers should be sent in postscript format to the workshop e-mail address by April 17, 1999.

Notifications of acceptance for oral presentations will be sent by April 25, 1999. The time allocated for the oral presentations will be 20 minutes per paper.

In this circular we send you some practical information concerning the workshop as well as a tentative scientific program.

The administrative part of the conference is in the care of Dan Knassim. Their registration form and general information sheet are enclosed. Up to date information can be found at the workshop Web site

General Information


Kibbutz Hotel Kfar Giladi, Galilee, Israel. Tel. +972-6-6900000,
Fax. +972-6-6900069. e-mail:

Kibbutz Hotel Kfar Giladi lies within the peaceful pastoral setting of
the upper Galilee, with views of snow-capped Mount Hermon, the Golan
Heights, and the Hula Valley. All around are mountains, nature reserves,
rivers, and fascinating archeological and religious sites. The distance
from Tel-Aviv to Kibbutz Kfar Giladi is approximately  200 km (not all on
a highway).


The weather in the Galilee during June is warm during the day and cool
at night. Temperatures range between 15 - 25 C (60 - 77 F). Do not
forget to bring swimming suits, sunglasses, and hats!

Entry to Israel:

An entry visa to Israel is not necessary for citizens of most
countries. Please check with your travel agent. Those who do need a
visa are invited to apply to the conference secretariat for assistance.

Offices, Banks & Shop Hours:

Generally, offices  are open daily Sunday through Thursday from
9am to 5pm.  Most shops are open daily Sunday through Thursday
from 9am to  7pm, although some close for a mid-day break between
1pm and 4pm.  On Friday shops are open in the morning and close early
in the afternoon. Money can be changed at the airport upon arrival,
at the reception of the Kfar Giladi Hotel and at any bank. All major
credit cards are accepted in all shops, restaurants, etc.


There is no bus transportation during the "Shabbat" from Friday
afternoon until Saturday evening. Taxis are available during the "Shabbat"
at any time.

Car Rentals:

Special conference rates can be obtained from Europcar.
For further details please contact Dan Knassim Tourist Department.
Arrival at the Tel Aviv hotel
Rooms at a special conference rate will be available at:

Grand Beach Hotel: 250 Hayarkon st. Tel Aviv.
Phone: ++972-3-5433333, Fax. ++972-3-5466589.

To reach the hotel, there is a shuttle bus no. 222 from the airport to
Tel-Aviv hotels. The cost is $4. The cost of a taxi is $20. If you need
assistance at the airport, after you exit from the customs hall turn to the
right and approach the hostess at the "JC Seshire Service Counter".

Travel to Kfar Giladi

We propose two ways of reaching the Kfar Giladi Hotel workshop venue,
through an excursion or on your own.

First option - excursion:

Tour A, listed in the optional tours, will depart from the Grand Beach Hotel
in  Tel Aviv on Saturday June 19, 1999 at 8:30am and arrive at Kfar Giladi in
the evening.

If you chose this option, you should mark on the registration form that
you need a reservation in Tel Aviv (Grand Beach Hotel). You should then
arrive not later than Friday, June 18, 1999,  and follow the instructions on
"Arrival at the Tel Aviv hotel".
Please do book the tour in advance if you choose this option.

Second option - arriving on your own:
Participants who arrive on Saturday, June 19, 1999,  can reach
Kibbutz Kfar Giladi either by taking a bus or a taxi or by renting a car.

(a) Public transportation:
Bus no. 842 from the Central Bus Station in Tel-Aviv to Kiryat Shmona. From
there take a taxi to Kfar Giladi (5 minutes` drive) or call the hotel.

The first bus on Saturday afternoon is at 4:45 PM.
Subsequent buses leave at 5:45, 6:45, 7:45 and 8:45 PM.
The fare is approximately $10.

(b) Taxi:
A taxi from the airport to Kfar Giladi costs approximately $160.

(c) Rented car:
Make sure to get a map at the car rental agency. The roads are quite
good. Driving time from the airport is about 3 hours.

Pre- and post-conference tours:

Pre-and post-conference tours in Israel will be available to conference
participants. For more details please refer to the "Optional Tours" list
following the registration form or contact the Dan Knassim Tourist
All tours are optional and are based on a minimum of 15 participants.
The tour of June 19, 1999, has to be booked in advance.
Other tours can be booked on site.

Conference Secretariat:

Dan Knassim Ltd.
Organizers of Conventions, Exhibitions and Special Events
P.O. Box 1931, Ramat Gan 52118, Israel.
Tel: 972-3-6133340 Ext. 213
Fax: 972-3-6133341
Visit our Internet site:

We are looking forward to your participation.


Please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM and send it back by fax, mail or e-mail.


Danny Ashery


Saturday, June 19: Arrival to Kfar Giladi



  9:00  Fun with the chiral perturbation field theory
             D. Kaplan (Washington)

  9:40  Experimental studies of spontaneously broken chiral symmetry
             M.Moinester (Tel Aviv)


11:00  Lattice QCD calculations of light-cone wave functions of

11:40  Theoretical status of light-cone wave functions of hadrons
             S. Brodsky (SLAC)

12:20  Gribov's work on confinement in QCD
             A.Vainstein (Minessota)

13:00  LUNCH

19:00  DINNER

20:00  Panel discussion: Broken Chiral symmetry

21:00  Panel discussion: Light-cone wave function


 9:00  Review of structure functions of nucleons and of nuclei
              -comparison between QCD predictions and data
              R. Devenish (Oxford)

  9:40  Hard diffractive processes and large rapidity gap physics at
            FNAL, HERA.
            J. Dainton (DESY/Liverpool)


11:00  QCD predictions for hard diffractive phenomena and color
             M. Strikman (Penn State)

11:40  Established and unresolved problems of small x physics
             V. Fadin (Novosibirsk State)

12:20  Coherent QCD phenomena
             Y. Dokshitzer (Milano)

13:00  LUNCH

15:00  Contributed papers and invited research reports

15:00  S. Cotanch   "Many body QCD Hamiltonian approach to Glueballs
 (North Carolina)       and Hybrids"

15:25  E. Gardi     "Power corrections in the single dressed gluon

15:50  M. Sargsian   "QCD rescattering and the nature of high-energy two-
 (Washington)             body Photodisintegration of the deuteron"


16:30 D. Blaschke    "The Deconfinement phase transition in simple, dynamical
 (Rostock)                    quark models"

17:00  N. Zotov      "BFKL gluon dynamics in p_T spectra of heavy quark
 (Moscow State)     production  processes at HERA"

17:25  U. Trittmann  "QCD(1+1) with SU(N) currents"
 (Ohio State)

19:00  DINNER

20:00  Panel discussions: Hard diffractive processes


 9:00  Theoretical status of CT in moderate energy processes
              G. Miller (Washington)

   9:40  Experimental status of CT and of light-cone wave functions hadron as
             measured in hard diffractive processes
             A. Carroll (BNL)


11:00  Baryon spin structure functions: theory
             J. Ellis (CERN)

11:40  Baryon spin structure functions: completed experimentS
             S. Kuhn (Old Dominion)

12:20  Baryon spin structure functions: ongoing and future experiments
             H.E. Jackson (Argonne National Lab.)

13:00  LUNCH

19:00  DINNER

20:00  Panel discussion: Color transparency

21:00  Panel discussion: Baryon spin structure functions

 9:00  QCD physics of superdense hadron matter in HI collisions
              A.Mueller (Columbia)

   9:40  QCD predictions of new forms of hadronic matter
              K. Rajagopal (MIT)


11:00  TBA
             R. Jaffe (MIT)

11:40  Search for exotic hadrons: theory
             H.J. Lipkin (Weizmann/Tel Aviv)

12:20  Search for exotic hadrons: experiment
             D. Bugg (Rutherford)

13:00  LUNCH

18:00  Panel discussion: Search for exotic hadrons



All tours are based a on minimum of 15 participants.

Tour A: Caesarea, Nazareth, Yardenit
Saturday, June 19, 1999

Depart from the Grand Beach Hotel, Tel Aviv at 08.30 A.M.  Travel along the
coastal road To Caesarea. Visit the Roman open-air theatre, the Crusader
fort and the ancient harbor. Drive via Meggido to Nazareth , visit the
Church of the Annunciation and Mary's Well. Walk through the oriental
market allowing free time for lunch.  Drive via Tiberias to Yardenit,
the traditional site of the Baptism. Proceed via the Upper Galilee to Kibbutz
Kfar Giladi.

Rate: Per Person $ 45
Rate covers full day of sightseeing in a luxurious air-conditioned bus
with an English speaking  guide, entrance fees as per program.

Tour B: Tel Dan Nature Reserve
Sunday, June 20, 1999

After lunch drive to Tel Dan nature reserve at the source of the Jordan river.
Walk through the reserve to view the unique vegetation and the
remains of the ancient city of Dan (Laish). Continue to the Banias river
where you will find fountains, waterfalls, and forest bushes.
This site also contains historical remnants, caves of the god Pan,
Herod's palace and the Crusader city.  Return to Kfar Giladi.

Rate: Per person $ 35
Tour covers half day of sightseeing in luxurious air-conditioned bus
with an English speaking guide, entrance fees as per program.

Tour C: Golan Heights and the Sea of Galilee
Monday, June 21, 1999

After lunch proceed to the northern shores of the Sea of Galilee, visit
Tabgha where Jesus performed the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.
View the mosaic floor. Drive to Capernaum and visit the remains of the
ancient synagogue traditionally believed to be the site were Jesus
went for his prayers. Ascend the Golan Heights, crossing the town of
Katzrin to visit former Syrian fortifications and enjoy stupendous views.
Cross the Benot Yaakov bridge and return to Kfar Giladi.

Rate: Per Person $ 40
Rate covers half day of sightseeing in luxurious air-conditioned bus
with an English speaking guide, entrance fees as per program.

Tour D: Jeep Tour in the Galilee Mountains
Tuesday,  June 22, 1999

After lunch board your jeep for a special drive in the Galilee mountains.
Ascend the Naftali mountains, continue along the Dishon valley river,
overlook the Eagles Canyon. Climb the path to the village
of Rechania, proceed to Biria Forest. Descend via Rosh Pina valley to
Yesud Hamala. Return to Kfar Giladi.

Rate: per person $ 45
Rater covers 4 hour jeep ride with an English speaking guide and
entrance fees as per program.

Tour E: Sefad, Mt. Meron, Baram
Wednesday,  June 23, 1999

After lunch drive to Sefad, the town that has been an important center
for Jewish mysticism throughout history. Visit the Old City  and
see its many ancient synagogues and the Artists' Quarter, with its
individual galleries and the general exhibition of the work of local
artists. Proceed  to Mt. Meron Nature Reserve. The  reserve is wild,  with
wooded areas  and great views of the mountainous countryside. See the tomb
of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, who took an active part in the Bar Kochva
revolt against the Roman Army. Drive to Baram national park where there
is an ancient Jewish village with the remains of a synagogue,one of the
most impressive and beautiful in the country. Return to Kfar Giladi.

Rate: Per person $ 45
Rate covers half day of sightseeing in luxurious air-conditioned bus
with an English speaking guide, entrance fees as per program.

Tour F: Acre, Haifa, Druze Village
Thursday & Friday June 24-25, 1999

Thursday,  24 June, 1999
After breakfast depart from Kfar Giladi and drive to Acre, the Crusader
city. Walk through the subterranean city and the bazaars recalling the
colorful middle ages. Continue to Haifa to visit the Bahai Shrine and
beautiful Persian gardens. Drive to Daliat El Carmel Druze village in
the Carmel Mountains. Proceed to Tel Aviv. Overnight at the Grand Beach Hotel.

Friday,  25 June, 1999
After breakfast departure for your homebound flights.

Rate: Per Person in Double room $ 125
      Per person in Single room $ 150

Tour covers full day of sightseeing in luxurious air-conditioned bus
with an English speaking guide, entrance fees as per program 1,
overnight accommodation  at the Grand Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv  with breakfast.

Tour G: Jerusalem and Masada
Friday - Sunday, 25-27 June, 1999

Friday, 25 June, 1999
Drive from Tel Aviv  to Jerusalem. Enter the Old City from the Dung Gate,
continue to the Western Wall, the only remaining portion of the Second
Temple. Walk through the restored Jewish Quarter to the Cardo, once a main
shopping street of Roman Jerusalem. Continue along the Via Dolorosa  to
the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Drive to Bethlehem to visit the Church
of the Nativity. Return to Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Saturday,  June 26, 1999
Travel along  the Judean Hills to the shores of the Dead Sea, the
lowest place on earth, to Masada. Ascend by cable car  to this last
stronghold of the Zealots in their struggle against the Romans. Visit the
excavations, Herod's Palace, synagogue and bath houses. Then an opportunity
to enjoy an "unsinkable" swim in the buoyant, salty waters of the Dead
Sea. Drive via Qumran Caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, to
Jerusalem. Dinner and overnight at hotel.

Sunday, June 27, 1999
After breakfast departure for your homebound flights
Rate: Per person in Double room $ 275
      Per Person in Single room $ 315

Rate covers 2 days of sightseeing in luxurious air-conditioned bus
with an English speaking guide, 2 nights hotel accommodation with
breakfast and dinner daily, entrance fees as per program.