I am grateful to my teachers in the Reali School in Haifa and in particular to Arthur Biram, to my Hebrew University teachers and in particular to Solly G. Cohen, and to my University of Washington teachers and in particular to John S. Blair, Ernest M. Henley and George W. Farwell, who taught me almost everything I know in science, and most importantly how to think critically and to always apply the doubt. I have learned a great deal from my colleagues and in particular from Shimon Ofer, Yehuda Wolfson, Robert E. Cole, Martin E. Rickey, James S. Allen, Robert L. Burman, Darrel M. Drake, Erich W. Vogt, Jonas Alster, Daniel Ashery, Jechiel Lichtenstadt, Murray Moinester, Eliezer Piasetzky, Azriel Rahav, Denis Garreta, Judah M. Eisenberg, Eitan Berglas, and Norman Ramsey. My students in research and in class, and in particular Leo J. Grike, Tabark Noweir, Yair Shamai, Adoram Erell and Alex Doron have taught me a great deal. I have been lucky to have had such teachers, colleagues, and students.

Concerning my published books, I am grateful to Erich W. Vogt for his diligent review of all my manuscripts and for all the grammar and spelling corrections as well as for his constructive criticism. Haim Ben-Shahar and Shimon Shamir supported and advised me throughout my Sisyphean efforts in establishing the Research Project on Peace at Tel Aviv University and in my attempt to form scientific collaborations with Egyptian scientists. Drora Beit-Or was very helpful in the Project's office. I am grateful to Mohamed El-Nadi, Tymour Kammal, Mohamed Abdel Hady, and Mahmoud Badr as well as to Boutros Boutros Ghali, the Egyptian minister of state for foreign affairs and Addison Richmond of the American Embassy in Egypt in helping me in my endeavors. Harry Lustig helped me in all my efforts to get the American Physical Society involved in my attempts to get Israeli-Arab cooperation. My suggestion to build a Middle-East university was supported by my coauthor Reyad Sawafta and by Siegbert Raither from UNESCO, as well as by Israel Goralnik. I am especially grateful to Benjamin Asia and to Parker Alford for reading some of the manuscripts, and for offering good advice. I owe special thanks to Pinhas Ofer for checking the historical facts in one of my books. Riki Cohen, Michael Cordonsky, Sharon Feldman, Jacqueline Gorsky, and Moshe Zilka helped me a great deal in creating my Web site. The willingness of Zeev Bar-Gil (Gelbart) in designing and publishing my books is highly appreciated.

My daughter Talma, my son David, my daughter Mimi, and my son-in-law Gil deserve much of the credit for helping me in every step I made. I am indebted to my grandchildren for urging me to turn my good-night stories into a full-fledged written book “for other children to enjoy.” I am fortunate to have grandchildren like them, who read the original Hebrew version of my fairytale book and offered clever and useful suggestions; one of them was to publish the book in English, so that it could reach more children. Last but not least, I am grateful to my wife Rivka for her love and active support and for her urging me to write my books.